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The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

A great president has finally found a great biographer. He worked as an advertising copywriter in London before immigrating to the United States in Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt

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The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt | Foreign Affairs

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The Nine. Winner-Take-All Politics. Jacob S. Words That Work. Frank I. The War That Ended Peace. Margaret MacMillan. That is impossible in a prologue; that is why you are reading the book, and this is the first of a trilogy on Theodore Roosevelt. The next, [book:Theodore Rex ], covers his two terms as president.

What you immediately draw from the prologue is the energy of the man.

Politics Book Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

Skeptical me He set a record with this, no one else for a century shook hands so quickly and with so many. But what does this says about him? Think about it. What we immediately grasp from the prologue and then the following chapters on his youth is how the hyperactive youth develops into a man of strength and vitality. From a very young age he has serious bouts of asthma. His father takes him aside and discusses his physical disability. Theodore declares that he will conquer his body!

From the very first chapters we see the man who came to be a conservationist. He started his "Roosevelt Museum of Natural History", to the disgust of family and servants. He learned taxidermy. He had is head in a book, often standing on one leg that gave him the pose of a flamingo. He scientifically observes the world around him, and what delight he discovers when he finds that with glasses he can actually see the world around him.

He had no idea the world could be so sharp. He wrote in a diary. He wrote letters. Many, many remain and they reveal his personality, his inborn humor. In a letter to an Aunt when he is on tour in Egypt he remarks, "I may as well mention that the dress of the inhabitants up to ten years of age is nothing!

After that they put on a shirt descended from some remote ancestor and never take it off until their death.

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He now had glasses and he scientifically observes and records all that he sees of the fauna. The birds, so many birds! But he is still an ordinary boy. He groans over his father dragging them all off for a year in Europe. How Theodore views his own illness is reflected in this quote from a letter sent to his father when he was a young teenager, alone with two siblings in Dresden.

His father thought it important to encourage his children's independence. Here are the lines: I am at present suffering from a very slight attack of asthma. However, it is but a small attack, and except for the fact that I cannot speak without blowing up like an abridged edition of a hippopotamus, it does not inconvenience me much.

We are now studying hard. Excuse my writing; my asthma has made my hand tremble awfully.

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The importance of books, his interest in fauna, his asthma and his staunch character are all evident in these lines. The prologue was too stuffed, although I do understand its purpose, but then the book takes off with delightful details of Theodore's youth, the characteristics he was born with and the events that shaped him. This book starts well. I hope it continues so.

I just had to tell someone. Completed June 17, Edmund Morris is a genius! He has made me not only interested in reading more of his work about Theodore Roosevelt, he's also made me interested in reading biographies about presidents, people of history, great women and men! This book is absolutely amazing. I am not the quickest reader, either, so when I say I could not put this book down in two weeks I sincerely mean it!

I want to tell Edmund Morris, who I am speaking to and no one else right now, thank you. You have inspired me to get up and do as much as I can before I die thanks to this book! As phony as that sounds, which I will admit I couldn't help but type it so as to come off as that just a wee bit but it's not like I could change it to anything else thanks to my abyssmal writing skills , I really do mean it.